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Genghis the Engineer
12th Sep 2016, 07:51
This just arrived in my inbox - the Nigerians are apparently getting more inventive, but haven't looked up what the British weather is like in November...


I want to book for Flying Training/Lessons, 3 or 4 hours each day Monday to Friday (morning or evening hours) for a group of 8. We will be coming to your Region for one month vacation/holiday from 6th November 2016 and in line with our plans we will require some training. As you are a coach/instructor, we will want to come and learn in your place during our stay.

Please let me know if you can organize the training for us so i can finalize arrangements with my group and get back to you with more clear and specific details. Also confirm if you can arrange one on one lessons for us each day or if its better in group.

Awaits your email.


David Butler

If anybody wants to reply to him, let me know and you can have the email address :E


12th Sep 2016, 09:13
At least they don't want you to share in their $300,000,000 fortune, and they haven't studied Met yet! As the JAA once said, "this is a European Licence, so we only set questions on European Met!"

I saw a wonderful entry in a licence issued by the CAA to a Nigerian Air Force Instructor - "FI - Limitations: Not valid for use in aeroplanes"

12th Sep 2016, 10:02
We think you should, Genghis.
After all, with a name like David Butler, he'd have to be kosher, wouldn't he?
C'mon mate, please entertain us with this one.

12th Sep 2016, 10:39
Will they want training in landing, I wonder...?

12th Sep 2016, 10:41
Now this could be the David Butler CEO of Chicken Republic (http://thenationonlineng.net/chicken-republic-gets-new-ceo-cfo/) who is looking to provide rewards for his staff!

12th Sep 2016, 11:50
Just be careful. They may only want to learn how to take off, and fly, but not be too concerned about learning about landings. :(

Genghis the Engineer
12th Sep 2016, 22:11
If anybody wants to try baiting them - please drop me a line and you can have the email address.

My own life is too full, and too short! I will only recommend that anybody doing this uses a false name and one-off email address, as the last thing you want is these blighters knowing who you really are.


13th Sep 2016, 04:12
You mean to tell me, many Nigerians regularly practice stealing things? Goodness me, who'd have thought that!? :rolleyes:

13th Sep 2016, 04:54
Received this email as well and was immediately suspicious! We're a microlight training school in Malta.

Just wondering - where's the ctach itself? Would "David Butler" ask for a commission or something before?

13th Sep 2016, 11:24
Yes, there's the old 4.1.9 scam.

Now there's the Gold scam, along with any number of pornographic scammers as well ...

My wife wonders why I always get the e-mails and she never does ... ?! lol

13th Sep 2016, 18:12
Actually, I only found this one when I was doing one of my occasional checks on the spam box. Microsoft had posted this directly to spam with the following headline
'This sender failed our fraud detection checks and may not be who they appear to be.'

It came from a gmail account. Well done, Microsoft!

We had similar from somewhere in Essex a couple of years ago.

We ALWAYS say to people 'book a Trail Lesson. Come along and meet us before committing to any further flying'. We won't even take deposits for specific flights, though we do sell Trail Lesson vouchers, but only to locals.


13th Sep 2016, 20:59
They will post you some high value (5,000) Traveller's Cheques to deposit in your bank. Then they will ask you to send part of the value (1,200) to somewhere else, to allow candidates to pay their own travel fares to get to you.

By the time your bank find out the Traveller's Cheques are fake, the 1,200 has left your account.

Happens every day with a variety of cover stories and amounts.
I had wondered where the scam was here, the penny would have dropped when they sent more than asked for.

Danny boy
14th Sep 2016, 07:35
Hi Everyone
Yes I have also received these emails, I have had replies from them as well, quite obliviously a scam, was tempted to bait them along but got better things to do...I can supply the email address if anybody wants them...this is the reply I received...my sort of punter...

Hello *****,

May this email find you well and thanks for considering my group's request. To be more specific, my group consists of 4 men and 4 women with the age range of 27-40. We are from three different countries, 2 Asians, 4 United States and 2 United Kingdom but our vacation entered the same time so we are making arrangements to spend it together as we will resume work the same time.

I think i have to be more clear to enable you send over a proposed schedule, we are making out two weeks of our 1 month vacation time for this not because we have any specific problem or need but to help keep us busy and also for its educational experience and fitness before going back to work. Please get back to me with the preferred two weeks dates and proposal of the activities with its costing. As we don't have specifics, Please create an individual or group discount package/proposal during the two weeks with its associated costs and send over to me for final confirmation by my group.

Please note that we are group of workers from Qatar and works on an off shore firm on a high sea (oil rig) so all payments will be done via credit cards and hope this will not pose any problem to you. Do you accept credit cards as mode of payments? Our hotel reservations need to be made near any selected/booked center, that's why i need to make sure i conclude all bookings with you and secure the exact dates you prefer during the 2 weeks. Please get back to me with the proposed schedules and total cost/rough estimate in details to enable us proceed with other bookings.


David Butler

14th Sep 2016, 11:20
I had wondered where the scam was here, the penny would have dropped when they sent more than asked for.

Yes, that's one of the oldest ones ...

The secret is not to let the scammers know you know they're scammers ...

If you do they will learn from their mistakes and improve.

They have improved considerably over the years, but it's amazing how many people still fall for them.

The adage 'a fool and his money are easily parted' is true, but when someone is desperate (for love) it can be only too easy to be scammed.

25th Sep 2016, 13:03
If you want to find out what happens when you reply, the emails and the cheque are the latest posting on: