View Full Version : UK JAA CPL to EASA with expired MEP

8th Sep 2016, 19:18
Just renewed my Class 1 medical today and noticed my UK JAA CPL must be reissued no later than 14/9/16 (in 6 days).

Here's my status:
Class 1 medical current: Initial in UK and renewal in Denmark
SEP: current until mid-2017
MEP: not current; expired mid-2013

What happens when I get an EASA re-issued license? I am assuming that they issue a new license with the SEP current and MEP expired. I am planning on revalidating that in the next month or two.

I found the UK CAA online conversion form.

Is it really that simple?

8th Sep 2016, 20:12
If you apply for the new licence the MEP will not be included; it will be endorsed on the back of the licence and you will have to pay for the rating to be re-issued again when you renew it. Renewal will have to be done through an ATO.

The best advice is to renew all ratings you want to keep before you apply for the new licence.

8th Sep 2016, 20:14
And what happens if I do not reissue before 14/9/16?

Sounds like I am kind of screwed either way...

8th Sep 2016, 20:34
You can't exercise the privileges of the licence until you do.

8th Sep 2016, 20:40
Thanks for the feedback.

Makes sense and I thought it would be that way.

9th Sep 2016, 05:19
Just a clarification…if I do not get a reissue before expiration because I am in the process of revalidating something (e.g. my IR and MEP), and then apply for a reissue AFTER expiration with everything current then there is no problem?

Just want to make sure I do not end up losing something because I pass the reissue date without applying for a reissue.

9th Sep 2016, 09:38
If you have been revalidating ratings outside of the UK with a non CAA examiner, you will also have to complete a language proficiency check with a CAA examiner before licence issue.

I got caught out by this, so just a heads up. If you have renewed/revalidated within the UK or with a CAA examiner be sure that they have issued you a LP check

9th Sep 2016, 09:53
..... and I was issued my EASA licence after the expiry of my JAR without any problem.

10th Sep 2016, 16:45
I am assuming that if I have language proficiency level 6 then I do not have to do that again.

Sounds like the most economical is to just revalidate my MEP-IR and then submit all the paperwork after the re-issue date on my CPL. That way I save some money regarding license issue (1 instead of 2) and won't lose any licenses/ratings.

11th Sep 2016, 18:38
If your FRTOL was issued after 2006, you would have been signed off on issue, failing that, every revalidation since then, gave the examiner a chance to sign you off. There really should not be anyone left who has not been signed off 10 years after it was implemented.

13th Sep 2016, 17:40
Spoke to the UK CAA.

No problem applying for a license re-issue after expiration due to current training to revalidate a rating.

24th Sep 2016, 14:19
if you would need a checkride, I am the EASA FE, CRE, IRE, FIE, TRE. Should you have any further questions, please contact me.