View Full Version : Belgian License SEP Test help

6th Sep 2016, 09:47
Hi folks,

I have a test on a candidate with a Belgian License coming up soon. I have registered with the Belgian CAA to do the test etc however I cant find the 'Examiners report form' that I surely require to fill in, equivalent to an SRG 1157 in the UK.

Could anyone with experience of the Belgian CAA point me in the right direction? Their website isn't helpful at all.

snake wow wow
7th Sep 2016, 20:48
Tick on "formulieren on their website, then on "Inschrijving en vergunningen", then "report forms" then "Proficiency check class rating report form"

24th Sep 2016, 14:27
and donīt be confused. Belgium CAA is using the report form covering page similiar to EASA MPA or SPA complex airplanes form for almost all of the exams.