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2nd Sep 2016, 15:02
FAA records for Allegiant Air from a Freedom of Information Act request show a pattern of safety problems, with 9 times as many serious incidents over the same period as Delta with similar equipment https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/allegiant-air-with-ultra-low-fares-draws-faas-attention-over-safety-concerns/2016/09/01/08c0f202-28f5-11e6-ae4a-3cdd5fe74204_story.html

2nd Sep 2016, 15:08
More here: http://www.pprune.org/rumours-news/570566-allegiant-fires-pilot-after-ordering-emergency-evacuation.html

3rd Sep 2016, 12:08
Way back when the company I worked for purchased DC9s when they were brand new kit, which resulted myself and a now deceased captain being the first to experience a double engine flame out just short of V1. {a small dip in the runway surface had trapped about two inches of slush unnoticed by the folks who cleared the runway in case your thinking we went with known excessive slush on the surface} so you can understand my horror when I saw one of the offending airline in question DC9s, in mid winter, with about two inches of wet snow on the runway loading passenger's at a northern field just south of the Canadian border, to further ad to my horror the crew were un-aware of the requirement to have "M Chine" tires {tyres} fitted under such conditions.{ to deflect the slush away from the engines in case you are not familiar with the DC9 and its problem} When I departed there seemed to be a rather heated discussion going on between the Feds and the crew, what the outcome was I don't know. The fact that the crew had to be shown the requirement in the aircraft manual hardly indicated its the sort of minor detail by any means when it comes to crew training! I just find it stupefying that a man who was at the helm when hazardous cargo of the most dangerous kind which resulted in the most horrific crash and loss of life when it was loaded in a DC9 is allowed to still run an airline,

3rd Sep 2016, 12:33

Can you reveal the year and company involved in what you observed ?

3rd Sep 2016, 13:21
Bafanguy, If I can find my old licence I could give a rough date as its just after I checked out on the DC9 10/15, and 32 series, but that would entail finding the bloody thing! Its not hard to work out my employer was at the time, we were the only carrier operating DC9s in Canada and the double flame out took place at KORD. There were a couple of lighter moments in the affaire, we managed to make a turn of which had a very shallow bend from the runway, thus not finishing up in the weeds, we were told by tower that when the engines re-lit {the ignition being in override I seem to recall} they both re-lit with the reversers still deployed and Chicago tower didn't miss a beat and said our "burners are working just fine!" and it transpired that the airport manager was in the back on his way to Montreal for a meeting, {ICAO Maybe?} his presence simplified things when it came to the paperwork no end! The 32 series nine was a delightful aircraft to fly I recall and a great little machine to fly in very crappy ceilings and icy runways!{ how's that for thread drift?}

4th Sep 2016, 05:23
ValueJet all over again...time is not on their side, hopefully they can accelerate their fleet replacement and minimize the chances...