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1st Sep 2016, 12:24
I have heard from my west coast buddies that Cobham are letting go 6 engineers and Qantas mainline are getting rid of 20 engineers. I was told that they are using rampies to arrive and depart planes. There goes what is left of our engineering talents. All for the share holders!!!!:D

1st Sep 2016, 23:41
If you look to the south at Perth you'll notice the F100's being pushed back by ramp staff. There is an engineer on the headset and ramp staff in the tug, it has been this way for years. Only a matter of time before this practice spread to other operations.
I'll say this, you can always tell when an engineer is towing you, so much smoother!! And the tow pin never breaks...

2nd Sep 2016, 00:46
I don't think you will find many QF mainline engineers driving tugs for push backs. Has been ramp staff or dedicated tug drivers for many many moons

2nd Sep 2016, 04:21
I see Virgin are also planning on shutting down their Perth engineering and handing over their maintenance of the A330, 737 and Embraer to VARA.

Turbulent times in the west coming off the mining boom.

5th Sep 2016, 06:10
I have friends who are currently at QF BNE heavy maintenance, my mate told me today that a few of them were called into the office and have been offered full time positions. (The usual selected ones) They were told the company is going to train them up as CAT A on the B737, B787 and A330 and for them to pack their bags for Perth. Interesting times ahead.

5th Sep 2016, 06:15
Long time reader 1st time poster.
I am glad that I got out of QF years ago as it sounds cancerous. I wish my old work mates all the best if this is true.

5th Sep 2016, 06:42
Qantas mainline are getting rid of 20 engineers.I was told that they are using rampies to arrive and depart planes.

I doubt that the loss of receipt/dispatch would ever result in job reductions. The manager himself stated that losing this function was to better allow the LAME to focus his skills, not to cut jobs.

5th Sep 2016, 07:51

Have you not contradicted yourself? First there's 20 redundancies, then, the prospect of the <insert appropriate adjective here> license re-filling those 'redundant' spots...?