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1st Sep 2016, 09:47
How is it that about 50% of North Atlantic flights use Lajes as an ERA, and yet there is no wind measurement available on the METAR?

It is a windy place, important for Nattrack ops (Air Transat know this well), and yet they apparently cannot afford a wind-measuring device. And have not for many months, according to current NOTAM.

Yet another safety and operational issue caused by penny-pinching.

Answers on a postcard please....

1st Sep 2016, 12:14
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ATC Watcher
1st Sep 2016, 13:07
Answers on a postcard please.... Lages is a military air base, operated by the Portuguese air force. They allow public transport use but they operate under different sets of standards and what can be U/S and not and for how long. .

On same subject , using airports for ETOPS diversions does not mean they have to meet all airline requirements . Basically all you need is a good runway long enough to perform a safe landing . The rest is a bonus. Narssasuaq comes to my mind.

galaxy flyer
1st Sep 2016, 18:10
I've landed there any number times and always received a wind report, sometimes even when I didn't want it.


Hotel Tango
1st Sep 2016, 18:21
galaxy flyer, I think the OP was referring to the METAR.

Willit Run
2nd Sep 2016, 03:01
I'm gonna be picky in an emergency?????? I think not!

4th Sep 2016, 08:43
Talking about planning. Ever heard of that? Ever flown ETOPS? There are other field in the Azores, which do provide wind reports. And the winds can be close to or over limits in these islands. Anyone heard of crosswind landing limits? They can vary for each aircraft, depending upon the nature of the emergency.

The level of contributors' knowledge on this site is often very low, which means many are amateur pilots or even armchair flyers. Pity.

4th Sep 2016, 17:12
Entirely agree Roy.

Our ETPs are generally include a selection from the anemometer less Lajes, YYT, SNN, BDA, KEF etc. Why Lajes hasn't been able to give a w/v for so long is a mystery. I don't know if it's a coincidence but hasn't the RFF been downgraded there?