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21st Aug 2016, 19:45
Hi guys, assuming I'm a FI with a valid IR(not IRI yet) and flying a student during his integrated course for his 20 instrument SPIC hours. Can I log this hours as IFR PIC knowing that I'm a kind of observer and do not deliver any instruction during this flights?

22nd Aug 2016, 06:41
As SPIC can only be flown at an Integrated School then the answer will, or should be in your Operations Manual!

The regulation states:‘Student pilot-in-command’ (SPIC) means a student pilot acting as pilot-in-command on a flight with an instructor where the latter will only observe the student pilot and shall not influence or control the flight of the aircraft.
If you are not qualified to teach Instrument Flying, then you are not qualified to observe a student!

22nd Aug 2016, 06:53
Whopity, where it says that the FI shall be also an IRI?

As long as I'm only observing the student and not teaching anything and don't even influence/control the flight of the a/c, logically it should be enough to be a FI with a valid IR only.

22nd Aug 2016, 08:50
Certainly SPIC flights occur in our Phase 3 and our Training Manual for the course states SPIC shall only be flown with an FI with IRI.

Check your Ops/Trg manuals as Whopity says

22nd Aug 2016, 14:54
Whopity, where it says that the FI shall be also an IRI? Hopefully, in your approved Manual!

28th Aug 2016, 09:28
The FI is an observer, but if the need arises he is required to take control and the flight becomes a Dual flight (never happened to my knowledge) at which point 'You are IRI qualified right?'..................:ooh:

30th Aug 2016, 11:44
(never happened to my knowledge)
Well...not such that it appeared in the logbook as such eh Mavis?

30th Aug 2016, 13:29
Agreed, I you're wondering how to spell spic look in the dictionary under D. LOL!:p