View Full Version : MAN T2 evacuated

Trash 'n' Navs
18th Aug 2016, 19:57
Manchester Airport's T2 (landside) has been evacuated due to a suspicious unattended bag.

18th Aug 2016, 20:08
I picked up on this a while ago, but the major news networks are either very slow off the mark or its a hoax. The only references I have seen are on a Manchester Airport facebook group and the original link from that bastion of journalism LADBible.

18th Aug 2016, 20:15
Move along now, nothing to see here Manchester Airport terminal evacuated after unattended bag found - BBC News (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-37126045)

Trash 'n' Navs
18th Aug 2016, 20:55
Whilst Police said there was "nothing untoward" about the bag, an evacuation of T2 leading to delays for scores of passengers is not "nothing to see here, move along".