View Full Version : AA2159 A319 August 15, 2016 diverts to KBWI

17th Aug 2016, 23:31
Scheduled KBOS to KDCA diverted to KBWI for longer runway. Had coworkers on that AC. ER trucks rolled and met the AC. Have not been able to confirm in media but diversion documented https://flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL2159/history/20160815/1000Z/KBOS/KDCA. Coworkers reported pilot announced hydraulic problems and loss of nose wheel steering and original intent to divert to KIAD then changed to KBWI.

17th Aug 2016, 23:40
And your point is ?

18th Aug 2016, 00:45
Just another BSCU failure.

19th Aug 2016, 05:49
This flew right overtop my house and I happened to be standing outside. It was clearly a redirect because it was really low and heading in a direction that no airplanes travel, regardless of runway choice at BWI. It flew straight over me and banked hard towards the airport. Freaked me out to be honest.

21st Aug 2016, 14:50
The folks I know that were on board (one a military pilot) did say the descent to BWI was very rapid. Flightradar24's track for the flight is kind of interesting for 33L approach. They used to fly right over my house in Severna Park not Millersville.