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7th Aug 2016, 23:14
What's with all this user name and password nonsense.
Recently have to keep logging in with such as start page doesn't remember my login on several computers.

8th Aug 2016, 06:59
The password is complete nonsense however; like other aviation organisations they seem to have totally lost the plot!

MetO Response:
Firstly, our web delivery platform, which serves not just public content but also commercial services, aims to provide the key security principles of:

Confidentiality - the ability to hide information from those people unauthorised to see it.

Integrity - the ability to ensure the data is an accurate and unchanged representation of the original secure information.

Availability - the ability to ensure the information concerned is readily available to the authorised user.

Having a strong password policy is one of many mechanisms by which the Met Office provides the above principles and enables us to protect not only the users of our services but also the services themselves. As I previously mentioned, the web platform upon which General Aviation runs also runs other commerical services. As I am sure you can understand, it is very important that all of our users and services are protected, even if that means the password specification seems a little over-zealous for GA!

Failed oin this one: the ability to ensure the information concerned is readily available to the authorised user.

8th Aug 2016, 13:32
They replied to my e-mail, they have a fault.

8th Aug 2016, 13:39
I like the new portal but apparently the CAA is looking to remove funding/contract from the Met office so who knows what GA in the UK will get in the way of weather briefings...

10th Aug 2016, 22:04
To be honest I mainly only use TAF and Metars.
The upper winds can usually be interpolated from those.
And of course looking outside.

11th Aug 2016, 06:45
What's the issue with the site then? It seems to be working like it always has done for me? I just use the low level charts and METARs/TAFs.

11th Aug 2016, 07:57
The main issue is having to log in multiple times every day. Not having an easy to enter log in would make things even more annoying. Thankfully, for once in my life, I foresaw the problem and dreamt up a log in using four adjacent keys...............