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4th Aug 2016, 19:17
A syndicate at my club have just changed from an RF5b with a manual change 3 position prop to one with an electrical VP prop.

The former had a lever to change to change pitch, RPM varying with the throttle.

On the new type, RPM is selected by a rotary knob, and the boost gauge is set to match the RPM with the throttle.

Question I have been asked is do they require a log book sign off for a constant speed prop?

I know the CAA do not consider the RF5b to be a complex type, thats about the limit of my knowledge.


Ian K

5th Aug 2016, 10:21
If this is an Annex II aircraft:
SLMG class rating:
(1) Subject to paragraph (2) and to the conditions of the licence in which it is included, a
SLMG class rating entitles the holder to act as pilot in command of any SLMG.

If its an EASA aircraft:
TMG Class Rating:
All Touring Motor Gliders having an integrally mounted, nonretractable
engine and a non-retractable propeller.
So there is no differences training specified for SLMG/TMG.

5th Aug 2016, 11:31
Differences training is required for a TMG class rating in accordance with FCL.710:

FCL.710 Class and type ratings – variants

(a) In order to extend his/her privileges to another variant of aeroplane within one class or type rating, the pilot shall undertake differences or familiarisation training. In the case of variants within a type rating, the differences or familiarisation training shall include the relevant elements defined in the operational suitability data established in accordance with Part-21.

(b) If the variant has not been flown within a period of 2 years following the differences training, further differences training or a proficiency check in that variant shall be required to maintain the privileges, except for types or variants within the single-engine piston and TMG class ratings.

(c) The differences training shall be entered in the pilot’s logbook or equivalent record and signed by the instructor as appropriate.

ANO Article 67 cross-refers to FCL.710 which means that a TMG class rating in a UK national licence (such as the old UK PPL) has the same requirement. That said, when you look at GM1 FCL.700 it states the text Whopity has provided above which does not specify any differences as such for TMGs.

For a SLMG class rating in a UK national licence such as the old UK PPL or NPPL, as provided by Whopity above, ANO Schedule 7 Part B Section 2 applies which does not require any differences training. That's not to say it isn't a good idea!


5th Aug 2016, 16:29
That is interesting because I based my answer on FCL 700 Table 12 (http://easa.europa.eu/download/typerating-lists/EASA-T_R_List_Aircraft.pdf) which shows no differences for the TMG but lists all the differences for Aeroplanes SEP in Table 10!

That being said, a VP prop is a VP prop and no additional differences training is mandated between different types of VP Prop.