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30th Jul 2016, 20:02
Hi, I am in the process of converting my JAR CPL to an EASA CPL and the CAA have informed me that I was only given a level 4 LP upon initial issue of my licence.

I renewed my MEIR in Ireland recently with an IAA examiner, who signed the form giving me LP level 6. However, the CAA have come back and said that this can only be signed by a CAA registered examiner.

So basically I'm just looking for a solution, if any, which will save me a trip to the UK, to prove I can speak a language I have spoken all my life.

Any help is much appreciated.

Level Attitude
31st Jul 2016, 23:47
Any UK CAA Authorised Flight Examiner can sign you as English Proficiency Level 6 (provided that you actually are Level 6) after a 10 minute Face-to-Face discussion.

Phone around the flying clubs in Ireland to see if they have any UK Examiners. Belfast certainly will (Yes, I know it is UK, which is not what you asked, but it is not GB).

Although your Licence was issued with Level 4, every Rating Renewal/Revalidation form since would have had a section for recording your English Language proficiency which Examiners were encouraged to complete. Do you still have copies? It may be that the CAA has simply 'lost' its record of your current Level 6.

1st Aug 2016, 08:23
Thanks Level Attitude, all my revalidations/renewals in the past 5 years or so have been done here in Ireland, with IAA examiners. Unfortunately, the CAA doesn't allow them to sign off level 6 LP.

As you mention, it looks like a trip up north or across the water will be required. However, I will try ring around different clubs and schools here in Ireland, to see if there are any CAA registered examiners. Or hopefully one might spot this thread....... Thanks for the tip