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Capt Loop
24th Jul 2016, 12:13
I am a very experienced FI / IRI / ME instructor / PPL FE. With 4000+ instructional hours.

What is the payscale for instructors at FTE. FTE wont give me this information unless I turn up for an interview. I live and work outside of Europe at the moment.

Please PM me.

Brian W May
24th Jul 2016, 18:34
I had a telephone interview for a groundschool post a couple of years back and said I wouldn't fly out unless I knew the salary was feasible.

They eventually caved in . . . it wasn't. Not sure what difference there is for a flight instructor position. I was already paid more in pounds Sterling than they were offering in Euros.

Happy Wanderer
28th Jul 2016, 22:50
Last I heard (within the last six months), FI's start on around 24k (just over 20K) rising to around 31k (26k) with flight/training hours pay. Word on the street though is that the bigger numbers are extremely difficult to achieve at entry-level unless you're a MEIR FI. At these rates, singledom FIs have to 'live in' which means virtually eating/sleeping/breathing FTE. I'm told to forget it if you have a partner in tow.


Wee Weasley Welshman
6th Aug 2016, 20:52
Christ they used to pay me 25k in 2000 as a single engine monkey and I had a free house and car for the first four months. The Euro was about 1.5 to the 1 back then as well!

How the place has fallen.