View Full Version : BA2552 returns to Gatwick due to smell of pot?

22nd Jul 2016, 00:15
Well, have to say this is a new one.


22nd Jul 2016, 00:22
If it was a 787 it could have been burning resin. :ooh:

22nd Jul 2016, 12:20
If it were an An24 it would have been coke...

On any flight of mine smoke of an unknown origin is Land ASAP.

22nd Jul 2016, 12:28
There's no mention of smoke in the article.

22nd Jul 2016, 13:32
Typical, it's ok for the aircraft to get high but no one else can..

22nd Jul 2016, 13:39
There's no mention of smoke in the article.

A whole article based on the aircraft being full of the smell of CANNABIS and there's no mention of smoke?

Dave, you don't imagine it was the smell of raw unsmoked CANNABIS they were talking about do you? How many people would recognise that? And if you did smell that why on earth would you rtb? There's no reason whatsoever.

22nd Jul 2016, 14:27
I'm glad I never had to sit in the back of a smelly plane :eek:

In a smoky front maybe, when smoking wasn't taboo.