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16th Jul 2016, 16:00
As a prerequisite for the addition of Aerobatic Instruction to a FI(A), do you not need to hold an AOPA Aerobatic Certificate? The courses I've looked at suggest not though it seems odd that you can instruct something with limited training. Any advice appreciated.

16th Jul 2016, 19:10
I don't hold an AOPA cert.

Dave B at Leicestershire Aero Club jwill sort you out (if you're looking for a recommendation, that is!)

Level Attitude
17th Jul 2016, 00:54
To add the privilege to instruct for the Aerobatic Rating an FI(A) only has to demonstrate competence to do so.

It is assumed competence to actually fly aerobatics already exists. No pieces of paper required, no minimum hours etc.

FCL.905.FI FI Privileges and conditions
The privileges of an FI are to conduct flight instruction for theissue, revalidation or renewal of:
(f) a towing or aerobatic rating, provided that such privilegesare held

An instructor can only instruct for a rating they themselves hold. So, if you do not already hold one, you should ensure you meet the requirements for an Aerobatic Rating and apply for one at the same time as applying for the instructional privilege.

17th Jul 2016, 05:51
The full wording of FCL.905.FI concerning aerobatic instruction is:

(f) a towing, aerobatic or, in the case of an FI(S), a cloud flying rating, provided that such privileges are held and the FI has demonstrated the ability to instruct for that rating to an FI qualified in accordance with point (i);

In other words, to instruct for the Aerobatic Rating you must both hold the rating yourself and have demonstrated ability to instruct to an FIC instructor who is qualified to make an assessment.