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14th Jul 2016, 19:17
Hello to everyone,

Hope somebody would be able to help me.

I am looking to do a short family trip to France in August on a N registered Piper Saratoga.

I have a stand alone FAA PPL which I was not using since 2011 and therefore my currency run out. I am looking for an FAA instructor in the London (UK) area who would be able to do my biennial fligth review (I am sorry if this term is not in use anymore).

Any help and contact would be highly appreciated.

All the Best,

15th Jul 2016, 21:15
Yes, I can help. Elstree any good for you?
PM me with details please.

16th Jul 2016, 19:10
hi porridge,

thx for the reply. Elstree sounds good.

by some reason (probably admin) i don't have the function to PM you. You can reach me on limahotelromeo.lhr(at)gmail.com

all the best,

20th Jul 2016, 14:03
If Redhill is more convenient for you, Mark Briggs at Cubair can do FAA biennials.

23rd Jul 2016, 18:39
I'm in central London which makes ground easier.

Hope you get it sorted.