View Full Version : Differences Training. Cross Class Validity.

Mach Jump
14th Jul 2016, 17:48
I've had an enquiry from an NPPL holder with Microlight and SSEA Class ratings, asking if his Tailwheel Differences Training, gained on Microlights, is valid on SSEAs.

I Cant find anything in the NPPL Website, or in Cap 804 that sys it isn't, so, in my view he is good to go without further training.

Others say this is not the case, and that he has to do the Differences Training again.

Anyone have a reference I can point to?


14th Jul 2016, 19:05
Differences training is detailed in Schedule 7. There is no mention of tailwheel differences training for Microlights,

Tailwheel differences are included in respect of the SSEA and must have been endorsed by an instructor qualified to give instruction in that class. On that basis, nothing would carry over from the Microlight.

Mach Jump
14th Jul 2016, 22:01
Thanks, Whopity.