View Full Version : No Knighthood for Bill ?

29th Jun 2002, 16:27
Can anybody confirm the rumour that our erstwhile leader, Bill Semple, is being investigated for being, how shall we say it, "economical with the truth" in his evidence to the Parliamentary Select Committee on Transport? Very brave or very foolish to tell porkies to Gwynneth (if indeed he did)!!! I must confess to seeing some of the proceedings on TV, so I have my own view of his veracity - enough said.

I seem to recall that his successor also gave evidence to the same committee. Let's hope he will not be embarrassed by a lack of candour.

29th Jun 2002, 18:25
60 surplus ATCOs

Economical with the truth or outright lying?

29th Jun 2002, 21:12
Where are they now, these fabled surplus atcos? Off to another retirement do next week I am!

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