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22nd Jun 2016, 17:15
Hello fellow aviators,

I have been following some treads in regards to EASA ATPL skill test and EASA conversion issues. Since i am also looking into options for myself and done quite some research i thought i would share details.

Latest today I spoke to CAA in Norway in regards to third country ATPL (FAA) to EASA ATPL or upgrade from CPL to ATPL. They seem to know what they are doing.

Pass the EASA theory exams.
Pass the 1st class medical in Norway.
Pass the ATPL skill test at any location as long as its an EASA examiner and on the type you are rated to fly.

After doing some search on the internet in regards to where to complete the ATPL skill test and cost. There are not much info on that to find, but a company called Aviexpert in Norway helps pilot looking to take the skill test.

Hope this was information someone can use, and i would also appreciate tips in this regard.