View Full Version : Minimum Aircraft Equipment.

17th Jun 2016, 16:16
Does anybody know if there is a published list of minimum equipment required in an aircraft for an IR test. Am due to take an IR renewal shortly and the aircraft is fitted with a Garmin 1000 and standby instruments do not include a T&S for limited panel. Is this acceptable ? Thanks.

18th Jun 2016, 15:33
For aircraft with EFIS, the following is stated on page 27 of Standards Document 14(A) (http://www.caa.co.uk/fclstandards) as applicable to IR Proficiency Checks for renewal of the IR:

For aircraft equipped with glass panel display (e.g. PFD and MFD) and standby attitude indicator (i.e. no rate gyro instrument such as a turn co-ordinator), this item may be assessed firstly by failing the PFD for a period of flight using a reversionary display on the MFD, then failing the MFD for a period of flight on the standby AI, pressure instruments and direct reading compass.


20th Jun 2016, 07:58
Thank you.