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Always Moving
7th Jun 2016, 07:35
I have a FAA ATPL (with several ratings and currently flying on one) and I would like to get an EASA ATPL.
I know I have to do 14 test but where?, Can I do them anytime I want in a PC, or is ti going to be as I can imagine in a certain place done once a year? can I do one exam in one country and another one in another? I would imagine that after I have the ATPL written next time I go to do a PC I just take a ride and the TRTO does everything elese.
It is hard to understand how all of this licensing works in Europe.
And everything seems to expired?
Somebody said Romania is best place to do it, I was like what? is it?

Could anyone shine a light? I am open to suggestions

what I gather after reading some threads is:
Every country is different and do what they want and sometimes seems like against EASA rules, and UK are the ones a bit more serious. (what is happening if the UK leaves the UE?)
Bristol is the place to go?
I can self certify if I want provided that I have gotten the radio licenses and a English proficiency (done in a EASA state)

7th Jun 2016, 10:40
You have to do all of the exams in a single country and with the same ATO (exceptional circumstances do allow transfer).

Then you do a skill test in the Multicrew aircraft you wish to transfer to provided you meet the EASA requirements for issue of an ATPL which 1500hrs TT and 500hrs multicrew type type rated.

8th Jun 2016, 01:46
Bristol Groundschool will help you! ;)

Gordon Bennet
14th Jun 2016, 16:44
It's not just the schools but the authorities you have to consider. For example, there are some who are being deliberately obstructive to foreign pilots. High on the list of the good ones would be the British and Irish CAAs (the Irish being very friendly and practical).

With your experience you can self-certify, but this would be a mistake due to the state of the questions - you need some help even if it is with a commercial database (Aviation exam would be the best one). You can get some guidance with the study material and, although good, Bristol are not the only game in town (but definitely do not use the Peters software/Jeppesen/Boeing stuff). You can get fully competent materials for as little as $59.

There are also a couple of guys doing private tuition in various subjects - feel free to PM me iif you want an intro.


20th Jun 2016, 09:29
As fare as I know you do not need to go through an TRTO to take the EASA ATPL skill test.
It's the same as for an CPL upgrade to ATPL you can do it as an individual.
I had an friend going through that process, if you are interested I can check with him?:)

Always Moving
23rd Jun 2016, 09:53
I am interested on the experience of people. What they (politicians) said they are going to do and the operational problems that a person can encounter could be very different.

What country is easier or they say is easier (somebody mention Ireland and England, I will wait til the Brexit thing pass)

I f you do not go thru an FTO are the CBT's available or is a matter or reading the books, read the question banks and take the test? Are the same test in every country? are the question banks the same (public like the USA)

The more I dig in the more questions I have.