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6th Jun 2016, 00:38
I am in the process of converting my ICAO ATPL (ELP level 6) into EASA. My exam credits are through CAA UK.

Now am wondering if there is a way to get credits for the Radio license and/or the English language proficiency. F that is not an option, could you please let me know whether authorised radio/english examiners exist around Gatwick airport? I am aware of the list of examiners from the CAA website but no one seems to live within kind of walking distance from the airport. Any examiners out there in Germany perhaps?

6th Jun 2016, 07:01
See CAP 804 Section 6, Part A, page 3 (http://www.caa.co.uk/cap804) for credits:

The holder of a valid CPL or ATPL Licence issued in accordance with ICAO Annex 1 by another ICAO contracting state (including any JAR-FCL/Part-FCL pilotsí licence) who also holds a valid radiotelephony licence issued in accordance with Article 37 of the ITU Radio Regulations and has in excess of 1500 hours flight time engaged on international public transport flights, will be credited with the practical RTF Communications test and PPL Communications theoretical written examination; provided that the licence is valid and the practical test was conducted using the English language and English Language Proficiency is shown on the licence.

Assuming you meet the above criteria, you will still need a English Language Proficiency assessment by a UK examiner. If you're Level 6, any holder of a UK examiner certificate or FRTOL examiner will do. They can conduct a face-to-face assessment in accordance with CAA Standards Document 51 (http://www.caa.co.uk/fclstandards).


6th Jun 2016, 11:04
Does the FRTOL and ELP examination needs to be done before the skill test for a licence conversion i.e. do I have to have those certificates to sit the ATPL skill test?