View Full Version : Boeing 737NG Wet Runway Speeds?

28th Jun 2002, 03:14
I have seen statements on this forum that, unlike the Airbus, Wet Runway Speeds for Boeing Aircraft are only advisory. However, I have recently been advised that on the 737 NG, that the wet runway speeds are mandatory (or Skid Resist if you have them) when the Runway is wet.

We can get into a discussion of what wet is later - but for know - do we have any Boeing experts that have more than an opinion on this - that is - know for a fact that it either is or is not a requirement?

Appreciate any information - preferrably the actual quote from the AFM or some other document, that states the facts.

Dennis Pettigrew

28th Jun 2002, 04:15
Have a look at FAR25.109 and the revision, Federal Register Notes 63 FR 8298, No. 32, Feb. 18, 1998, which states:
revise the method for taking into account the time
needed for the pilot to accomplish the procedures for a rejected takeoff; require that takeoff performance be determined for wet runways; and require that rejected takeoff and landing stopping distances be based on worn brakes.

Its my understanding that 737NG was not granted "grandfather" rights and was certified to the new FAA requirements. This should be easy to find in the AFM, have a look at the Accelerate Stop distance charts for the "chart conditions".

This revision was to bring the FARs in line with the JAR requirements.



2nd Jul 2002, 12:36
Gday Petigram.

My performance inflight section of the Boeing QRH 700/800 series gives take-off speed data for dry,wet and slush/standing water above 3mm in depth. Only the slush etc is advisory. The dry and wet info backs onto each other and typically there is a 5 to 7 knot reduction across the range of T/O weights. The slush info has reductions of up to 23 knots in some scenarios, with weight considerations in addition.

Hope that helps.