View Full Version : POH Performance Graphs - Wind factorisation

18th May 2016, 10:26
I'm looking at the POH performance graphs for aircraft such as the PA28/38 as shown in the Piper/FAA Manual data. Does anyone know if the winds are factored, i.e. 50% headwinds, 150% tailwinds? I can't see anything in the preamble about any factoring.

NB I am not referring to the CAA additions to the POH where both the winds are factored and the distances with the ANO factor of 1.33 for take off and 1.43 for landing (and yes I'm aware EU factors are different).

Thanks for any help

Genghis the Engineer
19th May 2016, 09:36
No, they aren't.

The POH data uses as near as can reasonably be achieved accurate factors, then the 1.33 / 1.43 factors are there to take out inaccuracies and variations in flying technique.

How accurately the numbers are genuinely adjusted from standard values will tend to depend upon the value of the aeroplane - Piper are middle of the market so tend to do a reasonable job, but I'd expect much greater effort on something like a Citation than a PA28/C172, and it to be pretty crude and basic on something like an LSA.