View Full Version : Flying Instructor Jobs Bristol/Glos area

30th Apr 2016, 10:12
I've been a keen PPL'er for 25 years and have accumulated in region of 700 hours. I've reached a point in my career where I could opt for redundancy (in a job that I've grown to dislike), I've always fancied being a FI but the poor salary has until now prevented me from becoming one. I have no ambition in being a airline pilot, so finally to my question: what is the job situation like for a career FI at Bristol/Gloucester/Kemble? any other advice would be great.

I thought I'd start asking the question here, but in the next couple of weeks I'll pop in to some schools direct.

1st May 2016, 10:53
Cotswold Aeroclub at Kemble were looking for FIs a few weeks ago,