View Full Version : TAME E190 Runway Overrun at Cuenca, Ecuador

Pugachev Cobra
28th Apr 2016, 14:29



Edit: No injuries reported so far.

28th Apr 2016, 17:08
Looks like Tokyo drift there at the end of the video.

Not gonna be cheap to get that one back in the air.

29th Apr 2016, 00:43
at olbie, I think sqwak7700 is referring to the plane sliding sideways in the last few frames of the video

29th Apr 2016, 02:01
Tokyo drift?

Sorry could you elaborate?


And then there is Saudi Drift...:}


29th Apr 2016, 05:27
Melax, the Saudis go "head over heels" about drifting. Note to self; don't ever purchase a used rental car in The magic Kingdom. LiveLeak has a few more Saudi gems if you found that compilation entertaining.

Good thing this E190 was less severe in its drifting.

29th Apr 2016, 14:06
And then there is Saudi Drift...


Dear God!
And I thought Yanks were bad drivers....

29th Apr 2016, 16:54
Not a lot of runway considering the airport's elevation. Throw in a TRW and gusty winds and it becomes difficult, at the least.

Capn Bloggs
29th Apr 2016, 23:50
Fuel policy fail.

Flying Clog
30th Apr 2016, 13:19
Regarding the 'Saudi drift' vid :

Bloody hell, imagine what these muppets fly like!

30th Apr 2016, 13:28
They do fly in the Saudi Drift :E!! Without FAA or JAA licenses.. :}
One must be a serious Idiot to participate in this deadly activity. One guy has already been sentenced to death by beheading for having killed 2 spectators. I don't know if the sentence has been carried out yet.

30th Apr 2016, 14:22
Uh, this is what happens when you take away the ability to hang out with the other sex and let testosterone build to unsafe levels.

Put the cars back in the garage boys, they are not toys. Go get a "massage" from Fatima next door and then relax and take a nap. It's not rocket science.