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20th Apr 2016, 00:21
Hi everyone,

I'm a new CFI and looking for a place to go for a job. There is a lot of flight school hiring around the US so I'm trying to find the best opportunity and need your help with this.

This is how my ideal job looks like:

1. 2000$ per month or less in case if housing is provided. Actually free housing would be just awesome.
2. 141 international students are preferred. I assume they come for learning purposes only, so don't cancel lessons too often.
3. Not very south location, I'd like to have some snow in winter and sun in summer to fly in a different conditions. And also I just like snow.
4. 70+ flight hours per month right over, not some day in future when new imaginary students come.
5. Not a creepy fleet. Have nothing against old airplanes providing they are well maintained and don't look like a peaces of junk.
6. Nice and easygoing people around.
7. No uniform requirements or not very strict requirements. For me personally it looks funny to fly small Cessna in a tie and a shirt with the epaulets.

I know this is a lot, I don't expect to get it all, but want to be as close as possible. So if someone knows a place like this or - even better - works there, let me know please.

Thanks in advance for your advises

20th Apr 2016, 16:59
Ever heard the phrase "beggars can't be choosers"?

20th Apr 2016, 22:42
Yes, but what does it have to do with this? There are a lot of options around and the problem is to choose the best.

21st Apr 2016, 02:49
1. Gross or net? Good luck if you're just starting out with nothing but the basics to offer.
2. So you're looking to fly every day, you won't after too long if you fly as much as #4.
3. Well, the deep south has more flying days during the winter. Not everything (or everyone) likes flying below 32*F.
4. You know you have to teach in the classroom too, yes?
5. So you want glass. That should be easy. But you're closing a lot of doors.
6. This is aviation, get used to the opposite.
7. Yep, it is tacky with the epaulets. But for over $80,000 to get all the right tickets, I had best believe my instructor is a professional and dresses as such.

21st Apr 2016, 07:13
2. May be not every single day, but I don't mind to work 6 days.
3. I understand, but like I said, it's nice to have different conditions around the year. I flown 152 and Pa28 well below 32F and enjoyed it.
5. Not necessarily a glass. I meant just well maintained airplane, where everything works as supposed. When you don't need to adjust your heading indicator every five minutes of straight and level or cycle the landing light switch ten times to turn it on.
6. I don't know - and hopefully will newer know - what you're talking about. I had awesome people around during all my aviation experience. With some seldom exceptions though.
7. I don't believe that dressing has something to do with professionalism. May be some students want their instructors to look like airline captains, but I doubt that a lot of them seriously take it into consideration.

And once again, these are not my strict requirements, it was a description of an ideal job for me. And I'd like to be close to this ideal or at least not very far.

Any suggestions?

22nd Apr 2016, 14:22
I don't know what the market is like for newly minted FIs, sorry CFIs, in the US. Not great I would imagine with the 1500 hrs requirement for the RHS now.

If there are a lot hiring, as you say, go where you want to live and get some hours under your belt. No one ever gets their ideal job, esp not to start with. Once you have some experience you will be in a better position to look around and 'tick more of your boxes'.

22nd Apr 2016, 18:43
Well, since there is less flying in colder locations, if you want to build hours quickly it will probably be somewhere warm year-round'. Most 141 schools have the fancy uniforms, so you probably can't get away from that. Here are some options-

Sierra Academy(Atwater, CA)
Part 141, lots of flying, in CA where you are from. You got the mountains with winter snow, coast, SF and LA class B near. Huge airfields like Castle, to small strips like Harris Ranch. Thunderstorms in the south in the fall. BUT you gotta wear the uni.
Sierra Academy of Aeronautics (http://www.sierraacademy.com/)

American Flyers
Mulitiple locations around the country, lots of flying, standard fleet of Cessnas. Gotta wear the uni.
Flight Training | American Flyers (http://www.americanflyers.net/)

Embry Riddle(Prescott, AZ)
Top notch instructing serious students. Varied terrian, snow in the winter, hot in the summer(high desert). Top notch fleet, DA-42s, Cessnas, Decathlons. Great benefits, schedule. Riddle is a big in aviation(but you knew that), you'll make a lot of connections. Again, gotta wear the uni.
Department of Flight | Prescott, Arizona | Embry-Riddle (http://prescott.erau.edu/college-aviation/flight/index.html)

Sheble Aviation(somewhere near Vegas...)
The anti-Embry Riddle. Relaxed, shorts and t-shirts, beat up old planes. Long history of sketchy activities. Checks your 6 and 7 box, but that's it. They had a website, but I don't see one now. Looks like you have to track them down....

Personally I'd try Riddle if I were you, if you want to make aviation your career, this is your best bet, stupid uniform not withstanding.

29th Apr 2016, 08:15
Thank you for the links! Probably I'll take your advise and try Riddle.