View Full Version : FAA examiner in Europe

19th Apr 2016, 19:51
It seems that there is only one aeroplane FAA examiner in Europe.
Why no other examiner is interested in getting a share of that market?

20th Apr 2016, 11:58
There are US DPEs that visit also. I don't think there's that much demand unfortunately.

26th Apr 2016, 13:46
There are plenty of US examiners that are interested in coming to Europe. However...... for some reason Tom Houston has managed to gain a monopoly that has pretty much prevented any other visiting examiners coming over. the DPE in Europe operate through the New York FSDO and he has some sort of deal with them to prevent other fixed wing examiners..........

27th Apr 2016, 15:53

I know Janeen, but don't know if she's been to europe lately.


1st May 2016, 12:12
Bose-x pretty much has it right ( as he often does... ) . The only DPE does have a website which, whilst he has toned it down a bit a while ago, does come across as a little fierce.
PROBLEMS & Useful Info (http://www.rnav.us/PROBLEMSUsefulInfo.html)

I suspect that judging by the number of poorly researched queries about FAA certificates on here, he probably does have a lot of people turning up ill prepared or with misconceptions. He was very helpful to me when I called to enquire, it must be said.

The catch 22 here is that without demand, the FSDO likely won't approve further examiners. And the other point in play is that much fuss has been made about work permits and US citizens working in the UK without a work permit/visa. I think that may form part of Janeen's reluctance to return, which is a shame as the market does require some competition and availability if it is to grow. If anyone actually wanted to do something about the situation, getting clarification that a visiting DPE conducting a flight test or even issuing a 61.75 certificate didn't need anything in the way of work authorisation would be a great start.....