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training wheels
4th Apr 2016, 14:18
Batik Air flight ID 7703 caught fire this evening. Reports are sketchy but it appears to be whilst taxiing out for a flight from Jakarta's Halim to UPG (Ujung Pandang).


training wheels
4th Apr 2016, 14:30
It seems to be a collision between the Batik Air 738 and a Trasn Nusa ATR42 parked on the apron as it taxied past.

Correction: Reports now saying a runway incursion by the ATR42. But if that's the case, then why would the vertical stabilizer of the ATR42 be sliced off? I suspect the ATR was backtracking and exiting the runway but wasn't completely off the runway before the B738 collected it.

4th Apr 2016, 14:36
A photo of the burned end of the RH wing can be found here:

Pesawat Batik Air yang Tabrakan Tujuan Makassar (http://news.detik.com/berita/3179653/pesawat-batik-air-yang-tabrakan-tujuan-makassar)

Someone was more fast. See photos above.

4th Apr 2016, 14:53
Video. Quick response by RFFS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQZ98Dhf_No

4th Apr 2016, 16:01
Collision during takeoff roll. Reports that the TransNusa ATR42 was being towed to a maintenance facility.

4th Apr 2016, 17:07
already aired here

AvHerald (http://avherald.com/h?article=49666e3e&opt=0)

Jacdec (http://www.jacdec.de/2016/04/04/2016-04-04-batik-b737-800-and-atr-42-major-ground-collision-at-jakarta/)

4th Apr 2016, 20:24
So what plane ruptured the fuel tank? I tried reading and couldn't decipher it

5th Apr 2016, 11:58
"Lion Air Owned"

It's bad enough that Indonesian carriers regularly write off new hulls. Reputable carriers fly into Jakarta. How will they react to this incident. This could easily have been a CX, SQ, BA et all event.


5th Apr 2016, 12:15
If this is in response to my comment, I wasn't suggesting that a fuel tank had been ruptured but was simply puzzled by the flare up as the RFFS started spraying the wingtip. But there must have been some fuel source for the fire and I'd be surprised if it was anything other than fuel, and it had to come from somewhere. Does the fuel tank/system extend that far into the wing? Maybe they sent a fuel bowser rather than the RFFS ;)

5th Apr 2016, 13:03
Seems to have happened nearer to the start of the take-off roll. Pretty luck that the 738 wasn't past V1, could have been a lot worse.

5th Apr 2016, 13:05
Another ten seconds or so on the timing either way would have resulted in a very near miss, or total disaster.

Think back to Tenerife North. KLM v PAN AM :\

5th Apr 2016, 13:25
It's bad enough that Indonesian carriers regularly write off new hulls. Reputable carriers fly into Jakarta. How will they react to this incident. This could easily have been a CX, SQ, BA et all event

Not that it makes any difference but its a different airport.
Any theories yet? ATC?, Tug?, Pilot?

Metro man
5th Apr 2016, 13:28
Halim is Jakarta's secondary airport, most foreign airlines operate at Soekarno-Hatta which is operating at well over design capacity.

5th Apr 2016, 14:01
all 60 Indon airlines are banned from flying EU -for good reason.

5th Apr 2016, 14:16
Indonesian carriers seek removal from EU blacklist | Safety content from ATWOnline (http://m.atwonline.com/safety/indonesian-carriers-seek-removal-eu-blacklist)

Three of Indonesia’s largest carriers—Batik Air, Citilink and Lion Air—are seeking a reappraisal of the European Union’s (EU) carrier blacklist next month. Of the country’s major carriers, only national flag carrier Garuda Indonesia has been granted full EU access since it was delisted in 2009.

5th Apr 2016, 20:56
Look, I don't want to wade in here, but the cock-up is spectacular, and the outcome pretty good, although not great. Hell, I'll even call it awe-inspiring.
So, yeah, either the flight crew missed the call to line up and wait, because tower was giving priority to a tug over the sole outbound aircraft, or the tug driver just caused more damage than he ('cos it is a he) would earn in 30 years of dragging them around. Or, of course, tower cleared everyone indiscriminately.
Make your odds how you will; I put van Zant 2.0 at 20:1.
Here's something I'd like to know: elsewhere I've seen clucking about flight crew not lowering the flaps for evacuation, although nobody was injured. This judgement comes from the video, which is shot after all pax have evacuated. Yet, when the first fire truck arrives (btw that 'flare up' is just fire illuminating the water) and starts the hose, two people with flashlights exit via the L1 slide. Now, either ARFF inserted some badasses before they could get engines on the scene, or two pros in the plane did their funkin' job, irrespective of the contingencies of mgmt, atc, chronic fatigue, systemic corruption, linguistic confusion, religious dissension, their own mistakes, or any number of other reasons that we'd find perfectly valid.

So, yeah, to the last two off: I salute you for doing your job. You took it.

Heathrow Harry
6th Apr 2016, 12:50
"all 60 Indon airlines are banned from flying EU -for good reason."

so that Garuda flight I took two months ago from Amsterdam was a fiction eh?

Garuda flies tothe UK & NL

Aluminium shuffler
6th Apr 2016, 13:20
Garuda used to wet lease a lot in Europe. If they still do, then couldn't you have been on one of them, and since that would be operated by another airline, the ban wouldn't apply? I have no idea if Garuda are on the blacklist or not, and don't care enough to look it up; I'm just offering an explanation.

6th Apr 2016, 14:38
No they are not.

6th Apr 2016, 16:57
Av Herald reports that the ground handling company has been suspended from operating at this airport until it is recertified as compliant with their NTSC recommendations. So it appears that it was the towed ATR that was where it was not supposed to be. The controllers involved were put on "emotional leave" due the stress/shock of the accident.

Filter that through your own opinion of Indonesian bureacracy as you will - I'm taking it at face value for the moment.

6th Apr 2016, 18:25
just another Indo ground incident occured today, though less severe:

Source: jacdec (http://www.jacdec.de/2016/04/06/2016-04-06-wings-air-atr-72-damaged-on-pushback-at-kupang/)
http://www.jacdec.de/WP/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/2016-04-06_PK-WGM_ATR72_WingsAir@Kupang_ACC1.png (http://www.jacdec.de/2016/04/06/2016-04-06-wings-air-atr-72-damaged-on-pushback-at-kupang/)

training wheels
7th Apr 2016, 02:17
just another Indo ground incident occured today, though less severe:

Source: jacdec (http://www.jacdec.de/2016/04/06/2016-04-06-wings-air-atr-72-damaged-on-pushback-at-kupang/)
http://www.jacdec.de/WP/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/2016-04-06_PK-WGM_ATR72_WingsAir@Kupang_ACC1.png (http://www.jacdec.de/2016/04/06/2016-04-06-wings-air-atr-72-damaged-on-pushback-at-kupang/)
Another Lion Group airline. Now you know why they have ordered so many aircraft across the whole group.

8th Apr 2016, 17:02
Theory with some possible insight.

- Aircraft cleared for TO on VHF freq
Tug spoke to tower on Walkie Talkie (seperate freq).

Crew couldnt know/see ATR due RWY hump/slope from threshold?
By the time it hit, 60-70kts , too late? Abort. Lucky no casualties.

Tug tried to "speed up" when saw AC coming but not fast enough?

Evening news, hello.

8th Apr 2016, 19:51

If you are really at WMKK I'd think you have a better chance than many to get to WIIM.

The runway does NOT have a "hump" in it and the far end (and full length) is clearly visible from either end (unless there is a heavy, isolated shower covering half).

14th Apr 2016, 22:57
On Apr 14th 2016 the French BEA reported based on preliminary information from NTSC Indonesia, that the Batik Boeing 737-800 had been cleared to enter runway 24 via taxiway C and backtrack the runway. In the meantime the tug driver of the Transnusa ATR requested clearance to cross the runway from the north to the south apron and received clearance to taxi via taxiway C, runway 06/24 and taxiway G. While crossing the runway the tug driver saw the Boeing 737 accelerate for takeoff and attempted to steer the tug and aircraft to the right runway shoulder, however the left wing of the Boeing collided with the vertical stabilizer and left wing of the ATR. The Boeing rejected takeoff and came to a stop 400 meters past the point of collision.

Above via The Aviation Herald.

Sounds like one of two scenarios:

1 - ATC didn't clear Batik for TO but they did anyway;
2 - ATC cleared both aircraft and caused accident.

Article doesn't mention Batik having received clearance to TO so my money is on scenario 1 at this point.....

25th Apr 2016, 04:44
unofficial report that the towing a/c did not have position lights On. Only amber rotating light with the tug.

26th Apr 2016, 03:12
There were portable navigation lights installed on wingtips.

29th Apr 2016, 08:15
and your point is? portable huh? I am not type-rated on Atr.

ATC Watcher
29th Apr 2016, 09:22
TunaBum : scenario 2 - ATC cleared both aircraft and caused accident.

I doubt that one as if this was the case ( easy and fast to determine by listening to the ground VHF tapes ) , in Indonesia, the controllers would not be sent in "emotional leave" but rather house arrest .

Super VC-10
10th Apr 2017, 21:38
Final report published.