View Full Version : SRG1119E - It's all too silly !

Level Attitude
3rd Apr 2016, 21:15
The Guidance for SRG1119E says it is preferred for it to be completed on-line.

SRG1119E states it is for Reval. by Experience of SEP and/or TMG.

Three Tick Boxes are provided - SEP(Land), SEP(Sea) and TMG) - BUT only one box can be ticked at any one time :ugh:

4th Apr 2016, 06:57
Don't worry they have it all in hand as explained in their recent job advert: CAA Job Description for the ‘Transformation Project Manager’

“This includes, the maintenance of a strategic view over the programme, providing the framework for implementing business initiatives, or large scale change, by conceiving, maintaining and communicating a vision of the outcome of the programme. (The vision, and the means of achieving it, may change as the programme progresses).”

“Experience in bringing failing programmes and projects back on track “

“The role holder is accountable for re-designing the Transformation Programme and……..”

“The role is to continue leading a ‘get-well’ plan to re-shape the Transformation Programme through ……. “

I wonder if the author has heard of WHY; WHAT and WHEN?