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Hersham Boy
25th Jun 2002, 09:18
OK - another thread gave me an idea:

Let's nominate our favourite voices on the airwaves in the UK (if popular, we can always have an international version). I suggest we are looking at the following kinds of criteria (in both laydeez and gentlemen):

Sexy voice
Calm nature
General 'just make me want to use the PTT' factors

I've already expressed a preference for the lovely lady at Farnboro' LARS (Annabel, I'm told ;) ) and I think sennadog has admiration for a female ATCO at Shoreham.

Let's add to the list and put some names to faces?


25th Jun 2002, 09:47
I've already expressed a preference for the lovely lady at Farnboro' LARS (Annabel, I'm told ) and I think sennadog has admiration for a female ATCO at Shoreham.

I'm seeing a possible navex here.... ;)

25th Jun 2002, 09:51
New item to add to pre-nav-ex check-list:

- Ensure favourite ATCO is on shift for planned flight time.



Aussie Andy
25th Jun 2002, 11:58
I am reminded of a mate of mine. At his first job after leaving school, a large enterprise, he struck up a conversation with a very lovely sounding telephone switchboard operator. Over the weeks they became more and more chatty, until he eventually asked him to meet her at a local pub after work. This was the first time he had ever seen her though... it did not end well... :(

25th Jun 2002, 12:05
Of course, that is one of the universal truths that one learns when using the telephone a lot - I suppose it must apply to the radio too!
Lets just hope we never get two-way video-radio comms in a/c, we deserve to at least be able to dream...

25th Jun 2002, 12:37
Any excuse and I'll transit Shoreham - I may even invest in ANR just to receive those dulcet tones more clearly!:D

Just to balance it up, there is a bloke at Redhill with a slight Northern accent who is also very good - his voice carries well on the RT. Also flying across the Eastern edge of London there is a guy who is sometimes on (can't remember the service but it's the one that also deals with Magimixs going along the Thames) who sounds vaguely like Sean Connery.

I agree with Hersham Boy about the individual womanning the Farnborough LARS. It is odd how some voices carry better and I suppose it's the same as using a telephone, smile first and speak slightly more slowly than normal and this comes across in your transmit.


25th Jun 2002, 12:38
I've already expressed a preference for the lovely lady at Farnboro' LARS (Annabel, I'm told ) and I think sennadog has admiration for a female ATCO at Shoreham.

Think the one at Shoreham has just recently got married. Don't quote me on that though. :)

Both my faves at the mo'. But non beat the one up at EDI ;)

White Shadow
25th Jun 2002, 12:44
This one might well copy to "ATC issues"....

25th Jun 2002, 12:50
Cheers for the heads up on that Big Red L . I just think she has a good voice that's all. Just in case her husband is one of those big buggas who likes wielding as axe. :eek:

25th Jun 2002, 13:06
Hahahaha, its something like that Senna, or maybe she has just had a baby or something....... :)

White Shadow I am going to copy it when it has quite a few more posts in it. :)

25th Jun 2002, 13:44
Try flying in the south west states with an english accent ! I got asked to "say again cos you sound so cute with that sexy accent". Another time air traffic started asking me a load of questions about my (pretty ordinary really) 182 until another pilot cut in and said " you're only asking her all that to hear that accent some more". Myself - I like listening to french air traffic saying "you're number one".

25th Jun 2002, 13:58
No one told me my accent was sexy when I flew out there :( In fact, the only time anyone mentioned my accent on the radio was when a local pilot decided to cross the runway as I was just about to land at an uncontrolled field. I reminded him that I was "very short final", and he replied that he'd be well clear before I was down, and how long had I been practicing the British accent for? :confused: I guess that's a disadvantage of being male.

Once I was out drinking, shopping or eating, though, it was a different story ;)


25th Jun 2002, 14:17
Gabi's your girl at Shoreham. Think Patsy may have move on now?

Hersham Boy
25th Jun 2002, 15:09
I wasn't after a date.... ;) Hersh has a bird already and she gets upset if I start lavishing attention (as in, I don't want all of my stuff in a burning pyre on the front lawn!).

I'm still after names, though - I think we can get a bit of a league table going here... and, sennadog , bwahaha about the EGKR and London Info comments. I'm sure our home ATCO will be blushing as we speak :D


25th Jun 2002, 15:32
There is a lovely young lady on Shawbury Radar, she is calming, reassuring and oh soooooooo sexy:) Don't know her name but she has a voice to die for!


25th Jun 2002, 17:08
Well, anybody who has flown out of Long Beach. California (Julian?) may well have heard the lady tower controller who has a voice like liquid honey? I thought voices like that were only available on 0898 numbers - not that I've ever called them you understand!!!!! I was lucky enough to have her as my controller during some night flying around the LA Basin, and she was a welcome voice to come home to......

Small Pilot
25th Jun 2002, 17:50
The girl on Sohreham approach always sounds nice, also the girl on Rochester Info on Sunday sounded very nice. I've also heard a lovely voice on Manston Approach. Got no idea of their names though.

25th Jun 2002, 20:17
Sumburgh has a lovely lady too.

...and if she's reading this, my front seat pax. said the landing was definitely 9.5 & no rounding down allowed. :D

25th Jun 2002, 22:24
Try listening to Kate at Coventry............when that runway is
damp, damp, damp, the mind wonders !!!

Ace Rimmer
26th Jun 2002, 08:40
Steady lads steady...
On another note quite enjoyed the ATIS the other Monday morning usual "adivise controller you have information B on first contact with Shoreham Approach on 123.15 (high pitched goon-esque voice in background) "that's me that is!"

26th Jun 2002, 12:45
Just had the pleasure of talking to the luuurvley lady on Farnborough 125.25 ... I'm with Hersh on this one :D

Romeo Romeo
26th Jun 2002, 13:38
There's someone with nice voice at East Mids (I believe she's called Kim). I always get in touch with them just on the off chance it's her on the approach frequency ;) I once heared someone do something wrong, she told him off a bit, and he asked if she was going to spank him. :rolleyes:

26th Jun 2002, 23:09
strange isn't it that no-one has nominated any male voices !

Say again s l o w l y
27th Jun 2002, 00:30
Sexiest voice has to be one of the Tower controllers at Bournemouth. Can't remember her name or if she's even still there. But boy oh boy she's a looker aswell. She told me off once, and I still dream about it!!:D :D

Circuit Basher
27th Jun 2002, 08:24
One of the regular Tower controllers at Bournemouth was Kathy (or was it Karen?) and when EGHH Approach Freq was closed, she used to make the offer on Tower freq for departing a/c to 'Stay with me....' ;) ;) A few of the local instructors used to offer....!

After 4 or so years of flying out of Bournemouth, I finally got to see her at a CAA Safety Evening - I was, unfortunately, disappointed, as the looks weren't anything like as good as the voice :( :(

27th Jun 2002, 09:42
There is going to be some unhappy ladies if any of them mentioned are PPRuNers!

"After 4 or so years of flying out of Bournemouth, I finally got to see her at a CAA Safety Evening - I was, unfortunately, disappointed, as the looks weren't anything like as good as the voice "

27th Jun 2002, 13:28
...and this thread has been posted/copied to the ATC forum...

Hersham Boy
27th Jun 2002, 13:58
Oooooh dear... woe betide anyone who has not been complimentary! :eek:

I suggest you keep your registration details out of it in case you find your self being vectored through the tank range at Longcross ;)


Circuit Basher
27th Jun 2002, 16:45
Quick amendments to profile coming up!!..........

You never knew I was from Swaziland, did you??? ;)

27th Jun 2002, 17:51
I always think that the female ATCOs sound sexy; it must be something the radio does to their voices, because I never notice it in the, er, flesh. Not that it affects me. I never find male voices on the radio a turn-on, even the sultry growlers. (I'm just grateful when they're nice to me!) If any of you women out there know of any, let me know, will ya?! Got to get my landing fee's worth.

Troy McClure
27th Jun 2002, 22:28
Got to agree with RR. Girl at E. Mids sounds fantastic. Need to get up in the tower some time...

There's a guy on E. Mids approach too with a good sense of humour (can't vouch for the sexiness of his voice - not my bag, baby). Once reported 5 miles south of the zone and received the reply 'Make it 8 and we'll call it quits, eh?'.

Also heard of a story of a student who was asked to report at Spanhoe. After Wilco-ing, he turned to his instructor and asked 'Where the f**k's Spanhoe?'. He duly received a very smooth reply from Coventry (?) Approach - 'It's approximately 4 miles to your north east sir.'

Similar story from Naples, FL. 'Jeez, did you see that f**king lightning', to receive the reply from ATC, 'Yeah, we see it...'



Hersham Boy
28th Jun 2002, 09:16
Troy - suggest next RT intro goes along the lines of: "Naples Tower, Troy McClure... you may remember me from such threads as Sexiest Voices on Radio...."


28th Jun 2002, 16:15
Best accent for the radio has got to be one of the hooray henry RAF boys of the 2nd world war.

Which is the accent I have not got (just read at the bottom of the message where I am from.

:D :D :D :D

28th Jun 2002, 18:11
Here at HMFC's Secret Oxfordshire Airbase, several of our friendly Air Traffickers sound (and are) delightful on the RT.

Just a pity that the audio quality of the Mascot Mincom system is so awful that you can't hear them as clearly as we'd like........

29th Jun 2002, 17:28
Girl at Manston, if its the one I'm thinking of, breaks the aforementioned "Perfect Face For Radio" Rule in a big way;) :p :p

So does Kate at Coventry.

I reeaaally hope that sexy voice at the end of the airwaves in Farnborough is the same. Not that I'll ever get to meet her, I suppose.

Oh God. My Girlfriend has only been away for 4 weeks and I'm already turning into an aviation pervert


29th Jun 2002, 20:07
Coming back late last w/e, through the Lakenheath zone, a very Hollywood sounding lady said, "xx, flight information terminated, you have a great night, now!"

It certainly made me analyse everything she'd said before for any clues.

There is a rather lovely sounding lass at Waddo, too. A couple of w/e's ago, early Sat evening with her watching my little neon dot, I didn't feel half as lonely as I sometimes do in a single seater!

There is also a nice chap (civvy) at Wattisham - who has been known to make me smile!


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