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pal code
24th Mar 2016, 09:34
Question is as follows:
a young captain left seat qualified only (line training finished and one opc checkride done, less than 250hrs captain) , flies with no so young captain left and right seat qualified. Can or can't the righthand seat pilot be the airplane captain
(responsible for the trip) without being a line training captain. Where can I find the EASA regulation about this subject.
Thought I asked the instructors, not being one myself.

Level Attitude
24th Mar 2016, 18:14
i think you are overthinking this.

An aircraft captain (Pilot In Command) can be anywhere
on board the aircraft (doesn't even have to be in a pilot's seat)

EASA require the operator to nominate who will be PIC before any flight.

In your example: if the person in the left hand seat is
qualified to be there and is the nominated Captain then
why would there be any requirement for the second pilot
to be a Training Captain? Just because they are more qualified and experienced is irrelevant - they would be Copilot for that flight.

25th Mar 2016, 10:29
I think this is no EASA question, as LEFT or RIGHT is no entry in the license and PIC can be anywhere in the aircraft. Settings may be found on operators country regulations level or in the company procedures. In the end, it is a question for the authorized company procedures and should be found in the related handbooks.

pal code
26th Mar 2016, 08:28
I will check on the national regulation, if any on the subject.
Level Attitude and Fly4Business thanks for your reply.