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19th Mar 2016, 07:29
I hope the Mods will allow me to start a new thread in this section even though there is already one on this subject in the Military Aviation section. I do so because many of you who read Rumours & News may not read about military matters.

The UK Government is intending severely to cut the Air Cadet Squadrons (even though they are mainly run by volunteers) without regard to the many aviators who were inspired to follow an aviation career after having been introduced to the thrill of flying when still at school. I did one of these gliding courses at the age of 16 and then went on to a civil career in BOAC. And there are many more like me who did not join the RAF but joined civil airlines, became air traffic controllers, or entered other branches of aviation.

These courses are one of the best, and most cost-effective, ways of inspiring young people. Therefore I urge all those who have an interest in the health of British aviation to sign the petition in this link. Thank you.


19th Mar 2016, 07:45
Agreed, I was in 4F (Ilford) ATC squadron. First solo in a Kirby Cadet at RAF Debden. Went thereafter to British Airways College of Air Training, Hamble. 24,000 hours now. Petition signed.