View Full Version : 777 skill test

15th Mar 2016, 11:02

I am looking for some advice please on anyone having any contacts ,advice in regards to completing a 777 skills test for the validation of an expired UK ATPL

Would be looking at doing the Simulator check also in the UK
thanks in advance

also if I was just going for a Cpl is there an easier way of getting an expired uk Atpl to an EASA cpl.


24th Jun 2016, 13:56
Hey Archie,
I dont know about UK, but if you are looking into taking the EASA ATPL skill test I were in contact with a company in Norway called Aviexpert that can help with arranging the skill test. Apparently on any Boeing simulator, it may be worth checking out...

I am also researching options, so if you have any new ideas, please share;)