View Full Version : B737 renewal, when can an Examiner endorse my licence

7th Mar 2016, 17:25
Hi everyone

Just a quick question, I am renewing my B737 rating. I have a UK CAA licence.
My rating has expired 2 years and 2 months ago.

Can the examiner endorse my licence after the LPC, or does the UK CAA have to re-issue me a new licence?

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7th Mar 2016, 17:41
If it's still in Section XII of your licence, then yes the examiner can endorse your licence upon successful completion of the proficiency check. If not, then it will be on the back of your licence as an expired rating, and you'll have to pay the CAA to move it into Section XII.

See CAA Standards Document 24(A) for more detail.


8th Mar 2016, 07:08
Thanks for the reply ifitaint

That helps me alot, my rating is in the Section XII.
Then I donīt need to go all the way to CAA to endorse it.

Best regards