View Full Version : The impact of monetary punishments in China towards improving safety

5th Mar 2016, 23:55
:yuk: Flying the line in China or for any "B" registered aircraft implies being subject to heavy monetary penalties should you be a victim of an ATC misread instruction, or deviation from SOP's or any operational mandate.

When there is a Crime, there is "punishment"!

In China people grew up intimidated with this policy, and the society although they abhor the system, they respect the rules and are resigned to obey the "stroke of the rotten" when making a violation or simply a human mistake. It is a cultural policy.

I would probably spend hours illustrating several cases in this forum, most of them highly unfair, cases that raise concern to anyone looking to work in this environment, as there is no mercy when you are part of a crew conducting any flight assignment.

Perhaps, I am more intrigued to know from psychoanalysis experts, how viable for safety is punishing crew in order to improve the safety standards imposed by the company you work for? How effective is this rule?, and CHINA seeking to compete as a civilized nation around the world, how would any candidate, either Chinese or Foreign would react to such punishment? Is this the freedom of latitude we want in the air to preserve the air safety?

I have been raced in an environment where monetary punishments do not resolve the problem, what I have been given is more training instead of areas of weakness, and problem resolved. Why is would you take the income of my work, when you know, I deliberately did not cause the fault? Shall we blame the F/O of the Space mission for having activated a system that almost destroy the whole project of flying passengers in space? Or shall we instead learn from the incident/accident to reduce the possibility of further disasters?

Al E. Vator
6th Mar 2016, 04:27
It's stupid, it's illogical and for us westerners it results in resentment and is ineffectual.

HOWEVER, it is what it is.

Flying in China means you have to accept this, a few disillusioned foreigners will not change one thing. Many have beaten their chests about this and other issues but they always walk away defeated. My advice is laugh at its stupidity and just get on with life. Probably a post for the SE Asia forum?

6th Mar 2016, 06:04
You forgot the "public criticism" part... we'll shame them into safety! :oh:

The ebook the guys compiled here (http://www.pprune.org/south-asia-far-east/564634-working-pilot-china.html) is a fun read... even if only half of it is true!

7th Mar 2016, 11:42
"The beatings will continue until staff morale improves!" :)