View Full Version : Cpl/IR(H) to Cpl/IR(A)

2nd Mar 2016, 20:39
I have a Cpl/IR H and over 2000hrs of multi engine helicopter time.
Plus, a pplA with 160hrs..
What's required to convert to a cpl/IR A..??
Thanks in advanced..

4th Mar 2016, 20:34
5 exams in pof, op procedures, perf, AGK and instruments. At least 100 hrs of pic in fixed wing (including long cross country and night rating - your helo time covers the rest) then do MEP and then IR(A) (ten hour course if IR(H) current). Then 15 CPL(A). I think that covers it. I believe this ordering minimizes the hours and maximises cross credit. Might not be easiest route though.

5th Mar 2016, 09:22
How about ATPL(A) to either PPL or CPL(H)? Long wondered whether I should fly a heli.