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22nd Feb 2016, 18:08
Since I finished my training few years ago, my MEP(L) and IR ME rating expired.
My current employer doesn't care about my MEP(L) or IR as a single occurrence.
I have a valid EASA Type Rating for CS23, complex, multiengine SPA HPA aircraft with an IR of course (C510/IR)

My question is if I can go for a CS25 MPA Type Rating training like A320 without renewal of IR ME and MEP(L)??

I analized PART-FCL - FCL.720.A.(d)(2)
"An applicant for the first type rating course for a multi-pilot aeroplane shall ... comply with the following requirements:
(1) ... (2) hold a multi-engine IR(A); ..."

If I am right that Appendix 8 to 1178 (Part FCL) and table with cross-crediting gives me IR/ME ex officio.

Would I be allowed for any MP aircraft initial training without IR single endorsement?

Thank you in advance.

23rd Feb 2016, 02:15
Yes, you hold a multi engine IR with your type therefore you fulfil that requirement.

It's only an issue if you don't have one current then you would either have to renew your type or ME/IR on the piston twin.

23rd Feb 2016, 05:05
Thank you for your answer.

Could you please specify on which regulation have you based your answer? Or it is just known and obvious? Since I asked few pilots who fly cs23 type and they still renew their ir/me and mep just to have possibility to get cs25 training.

23rd Feb 2016, 20:59
I would say it is so simply by the fact that it is stated as Multi engine IR and not Multi engine piston IR which I recon is a prerequisite for you first TR. But as soon as you have that on a Multi engine type (regardless if jet or TP) you have the prerequisite for every other rating.

Just a thought on top of my head, so I don't have the place to find it in writing...

23rd Feb 2016, 21:13
FCL.720.A Experience requirements and prerequisites for the issue of class or type ratings — aeroplanes

(d) Multi-pilot aeroplanes. An applicant for the first type rating course for a multi-pilot aeroplane shall be a student pilot currently undergoing training on an MPL training course or comply with the following requirements:

(1) have at least 70 hours of flight experience as PIC on aeroplanes;
(2) hold a multi-engine IR(A); <----- This you have in your C510(ir) as you have a date for expiry both for the TR and the IR I suppose.

Found in: Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material to Part-FCL1

Might help maybe....

I get a slight impression yourŽe applying to the "pink" outfit :O

24th Feb 2016, 14:23
There is no such thing as an MEP/IR, the IR is either single or multiengine, single or multipilot. In order to use it you must have an appropriate type or class rating.

You do not need to hold the MEP class and keep the single pilot ME/IR current if you also hold another ME/IR as you satisfy the requirements for the initial multi pilot type course.

Soon this will become invalid as they are relaxing the rules to state that you must hold or have held the ME/IR.