View Full Version : EASA Backs Resuming Commercial Flights Over Crimea

21st Feb 2016, 11:32
European Air Safety Body Backs Resuming Commercial Flights Over Crimea - WSJ (http://www.wsj.com/articles/european-air-safety-body-backs-resuming-commercial-flights-over-crimea-1455733881)

Any further info?

22nd Feb 2016, 16:00
It may be more accurate to say that EASA is continuing to evaluate the region, and that they have evaluated some additional measures effected by the Ukraine. I cannot access the WSJ article, but if they are saying that EASA supports resuming overflights, that may be a bit of a stretch. My impression is that EASA is continuing their evaluation of the region.

Here is the 17 February 2016 update:

EASA Airworthiness Directives Publishing Tool (http://ad.easa.europa.eu/ad/2015-16R2#download)

22nd Feb 2016, 17:11
Presumably Russia would prevent any incidents in Russian airspace, which would include Crimea.
Sadly the risk once west of Crimea might be quite different.
A route that passengers might choose to avoid.

22nd Feb 2016, 18:26
I suppose that the situation will be similar to that what we have when crossing the border between Nicosia and Ankara FIRs... :ugh::ugh::ugh: