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20th Feb 2016, 15:48
Hi There I have a fixed wing PPL (A) and I am doing PPL (H)

I know that I have to do 5 exams

Aircraft Gen
Flight Performance and Planning
Ops Procedure

I have the Wagtendonk - I am a little bemused by some of the Q's in the pplcruiser test bank under ops procedure as there do not seem to be any books that covers some of these questions. The Ops Procedure by pooleys doesn't cover many of the q's

Any advice on what would be best to read. Thanks

21st Feb 2016, 01:25
Read this Pilot Training & Ground Studies - Electrocution's Aviation Books (http://www.electrocution.com/aviation/#PPLQA)

Wagtendonk is crap for PPL Level....far to complex for your PPL Level.

If you need aerodynamics book.....

Helicopter Principles Of Flight by the same author

21st Feb 2016, 09:47
Thanks ersa