View Full Version : Etihad A380 refuelling fire.

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20th Feb 2016, 02:17
Am hearing reports about an Etihad A380 being threatened by a serious fire which has engulfed the refuelling truck.........:sad:

20th Feb 2016, 02:20
Uh, any idea where? :confused:

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20th Feb 2016, 02:21
In Abu Dhabi, at the gate is what I have been told.

20th Feb 2016, 02:31
Thanks! :ok:

20th Feb 2016, 02:37

But some claiming

this is actually happened a fewdays ago I am surprised it’s just breaking now. We were delayed 3 hours out of AUH on flight 103 AUH-JFK on Tuesday Feb 16th while they inspected the plane. They never officially announced anything about a fire but this rumor started to spread that night. For a while it didn’t look good but we made the most of it in the pre clearance lounge the same way you would have ….no Krug though.

20th Feb 2016, 02:52
no Krug though

I was put in First Class deadheading on SQ a while back, definitely some nice Krug there... ;)