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10th Feb 2016, 15:57
Hi there guys and girls,

I am in the process of converting my NZ CPL to the European version.

I would like to know of somewhere to do around 10 hours practice for my CPL skills test and around 20 hours towards the IFR.

Does anyone know of a place in either England or France where this can be done at a reasonably low cost (I say that while trying not to choke on my beer).

Any advice?

10th Feb 2016, 18:40
Try Airways Flight Training at Exeter Airport. Lovely people, specialise in tailoring courses for licence conversion. CPL, MEP, IR etc


11th Feb 2016, 12:51
Cheers TOO, Ill give them a call.
I have heard Poland is a good spot to get it done too, does anyone have advice on that area?

12th Feb 2016, 10:42
Hi, I will start mine in nfc in few weeks, prices are much cheaper than UK, don't know for Poland.


The CPL would be 6 hours @ €285 plus (budget) 10hours ground @ €50 per hour.
The ME and IR would be €485 for the aircraft and €170 for the sim. Again, ground is €50 per hour.

Hire of the aircraft for test is at the rates quoted above.
Examiner Fees are payable to (and controlled by) the examiner themselves – I have no idea how much they are at the moment.
Fees are also payable to the IAA for the issue of the licence and subsequent ratings. See www.iaa.ie/fees (http://www.iaa.ie/fees)

That's the price given few months ago.