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8th Feb 2016, 22:35
I've have just converted to a CASA (Australia) licence from an EASA one. At the same time I converted my instrument and instructor rating.

CASA in their wisdom have issued me with the most basic G3 training approval. I requested that they grant a number of other training endorsements off the back of qualifications I already hold. They seem unwilling to do this and what's more will provide me with no insight or guidance as to why this is.

My concern is that I will have to obtain every one of these training approvals from scratch. This will be time consuming and very expensive.

I'm also struggling to find the actual requirements for the Multi-engine training approval. I know it used to be 50hrs CMD with 25hrs ICUS allowable. However I can't find this in Part 61.

Is there anyone out there that has some recent experience of this or who can shine some light on this matter?

Please bear in mind that CASA has recently changed over to Parts 61 for flight crew licencing so things seem more confusing than ever.


9th Feb 2016, 01:57
I can't answer for Part 61 however the 'logic' of what's granted - or rather, not granted - for an instructor rating under the old system probably was retained under Part 61 ie pretty much nothing.

Previously, the rules specified certain minimum experience & training requirements for various levels of instructor rating, namely:

Grade 3: 50 hrs of training under an approved (or accepted, CASA interpretation changed over the years) syllabus.

Grade 3 with min. 100 hours experience (colloquially known as a 'Senior Gr. 3) could be authorised by a Chief Flying Instructor to instruct without direct Gr 1 supervision, and to send students for subsequent solos. Still never a 1st solo in any sequence though.

Gr 2: Min 200 hrs ab-initio + 50 hrs x-country training (note under a CASA approved/accepted/whatever syllabus) *and* min 6 months as a Gr 3: Could send students for a 1st solo in any sequence.

Gr 2 + 400 hrs instructional experience: Do BFR/AFR/whatever reviews

Gr 1: Min 750 hours instructional. 500 from PPL & CPL syllabus stuff ie *CASA* PPL & CPL syllabus so FAA turns around a point etc don't count: Supervise Gr 3 & Gr2. Be a Chief Flying Instructor and a few other things *and* be a Gr. 2 for min 1 year. So, unless you met the experience & time requirements you wouldn't qualify for the higher level instructor ratings.

I'd be willing to bet the previous 'logic' still applies under the new Pt 61 rules.

9th Feb 2016, 11:58
Have a look at CASR Part 61, in particular sub-part 61.T
If you care to PM me directly I can put you in contact with the right person at CASA to answer any questions.