View Full Version : Saudia GE90 failure

gas path
23rd Jun 2002, 22:33
Rumour has it that Saudia had a GE90 failure over the weekend anybody in that neck of the woods heard anything about it?

24th Jun 2002, 12:33
As another topic recently discussed, we will only hear about it thru rumor, or the crew.

crash gang
24th Jun 2002, 15:40
The rumour is true , do not know exact details but can say that we pulled the first of what will be 36 engine changes off our 777 fleet at Big Airlines last night . The rub allowance on the Toggle Seal Boroscopes has been reduced by a large amount as a result of the Saudi failure.

gas path
25th Jun 2002, 12:41
AH! HA! The plot thickens, it appears to be that the Saudia failure was balls...........or the wrong ones at least :). It seems that the no 3 bearing failed with the result that the HP spool not being restrained anymore tried to overtake the LP, the engine then decided it didn't want to play anymore and gave up. Apparently there are a few suspect no 3 bearings in the worldwide fleet.
The AF failure last week in HKG was due to toggle seals letting go. :eek: :( :eek:

25th Jun 2002, 18:42
Ijp, you really have to educate yourself about the world of ETOPS and the effect that one operators engine failures can have on everyone else, because of this the engine manufacturer and the aircraft manufacturer closely monitor engine condition and IFSD rates. Both of these companies have on site reps in Jeddah for this reason…..There are NO secrets!

Anyway that makes Nbr 9, all of which can be attributed to engine design faults! As for this aircraft, it returned to DAM where an engine change was carried out.