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8th Feb 2016, 12:05
Is there a central register of ALTERNATIVE means of compliance in force, specifically with respect to PARTs-FCL, -ORA, -ARA and -MED. If so, can some kind soul link to it?

Am i correct in assuming that what is accepted as Alternate in one EASA State is automatically acceptable in another?



8th Feb 2016, 19:25
I have been having this battle with the IAA and CAA recently to release the detail contained in the AltMOCs applied for by each member state. EASA do keep a list of notifications of accepted AltMOCs on their website but it is simply a list of who has notified and what regulation is affected, no detail.

I did get through to the CAA who provided me with the detail of each of the air ops and aircrew regulation AltMOC they currently have notified to EASA. Mostly they publish INs to notify the general public.

I believe that once an AltMOC is accepted by the agency they are then legally obliged to allow any member state to apply the same AltMOC on request. They should then transpose the detail into the next revision of the affected AMCs so that it is avaliable to everyone.

9th Feb 2016, 06:14
I did have a quick shuftie at the EASA web site, but couldn't find anything.

I shall look again, but as you say, the devil is in the detail and I suppose where one could make a safety case in one geographic - said same may not naturally apply in a different geographic at the other end of the realm. Thanks anyway Nick.


8th Jun 2017, 10:06
Hi All,

I've been searching for some info on the UK CAA's AltMoCs for EASA regulations and all I can find is the List of AltMoCs notified by Competent Authorities (https://www.easa.europa.eu/download/altmoc/AltMoC-list-for-web.pdf). Even a search in PPrune only brings up this thread from last year!

Does anyone know where I can find the actual text to each of the AltMoCs, please?


8th Jun 2017, 11:01
The original UK intention was to publish Alt MOCs in CAP804 (http://publicapps.caa.co.uk/docs/33/CAP804April2015REFONLY.pdf) That document is now marked Reference Only, but that's all it has ever been, it is no longer updated and contains some Alt MOCs but not all.

8th Jun 2017, 12:14
Thanks Whopity.

However, the issue is that not only does CAP804 not contain of all the relevant AltMoCs, it is only for Flight Crew Licencing and (as such) would only have the AltMoCs for Part-FCL regulations. My understanding is that AltMoCs have also been issued for other areas of EASA regulation too (e.g. Part-ARA, -ORO, etc).

A consolidated list of all of the AltMoCs would be useful ... or perhaps I am just expecting too much! :sad:

The search continues! :confused: