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3rd Feb 2016, 18:18
Hi All

Just making tentative enquiries with regards to leasing a 3 axis microlight (AT-3, Eurostar) to add to ATO fleet. Have we got contact details for who possibly may lease these type of aircraft?


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4th Feb 2016, 07:44
As far as I know the AT-3 isn't a microlight .....

If it was me I would start with the UK dealer.

Genghis the Engineer
4th Feb 2016, 13:47
Yes on both points.

It's pretty unusual to lease microlights - I suspect that buying with a bank loan will be more viable.

Eurostar, CTSW, CT2K, C42 would be the obvious training aeroplanes at the moment, maybe the Medway SLA. The complete list of aircraft you can use is here (http://www.bmaa.org/pwpcontrol.php?pwpID=11822)


8th Feb 2016, 16:21
Thanks for your reply's..