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2nd Feb 2016, 07:38
China Eastern duel...

occurred at the Hongqiao International Airport in Shanghai on 27th Jan 2016

slide on the mid left, yellow line....oops


2nd Feb 2016, 08:10
Was that a 'taxi into' or a 'pushback onto'?
If 'taxi into' it's quite reasonable that the nosewheel would be right of the line whilst the aircraft is still turning on.
Perhaps the prima facie evidence doesn't tell the whole story.

2nd Feb 2016, 08:17
Also likely some rotation would occur after contact

2nd Feb 2016, 10:02
They are not winglets, they are sharklets.;)

3rd Feb 2016, 03:26
Awww....they're holding hands 💕

3rd Feb 2016, 06:48
Was that a 'taxi into' or a 'pushback onto'?

This report

Wings clipped as China Eastern Airline planes collide on Shanghai airport runway | South China Morning Post (http://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/1905887/wings-clipped-china-eastern-airline-planes-collide-shanghai)

suggests the A319 was taxying onto the stand when it clipped the wing of the A320 that was about to push.

3rd Feb 2016, 07:25
Reminds me of the inncident between the A380 and the CRJ in JFK.https://youtu.be/WJCqBQLTWmw

(Sorry Can't work out how to embed a youtube video, just link to it. Ifanyone can tell me how I will be forever in your debt :ok:)
This incident is clear on how airfield infrastructure has to adapt to aircraft increasing in size. The A320 family with sharklets installed increases the wingspan by 1.7m - 5 feet 6 inch.

Looks like the stands here would be fine if both a/c type had the older style winglets but with the sharklets it is surprising just how much more room is required for manoeuvre. Looks like someone hasn't calculated just the exact amount of room required when stand planning!

3rd Feb 2016, 07:40
"I didn't know you cared !"

3rd Feb 2016, 12:22

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6th Feb 2016, 09:39

aaaah got it now thank you soo much olympus! I tried but didn't realise I needed leave out the whole http:// part of the link!

You are amazing! :D;):ok:

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