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30th Jan 2016, 02:27
Anybody know what you have to do when all the boxes are filled up on your Certificate of Revalidation in EASA Part FCL license. Do you have to apply to CAA for a new license page, if so how do you go about doing that ? or is there a simple extra page to add into the license to put further revalidations on ? Thanks

30th Jan 2016, 08:18
There is a simple extra page, which the CAA try to keep secret. It holds an additional 12 entries as its double sided. I suggest you email your request then sit back and await a response.

30th Jan 2016, 20:49
So I wonder why the back of the licence isn't covered in boxes?
Does the extra page have licence details on?

Seems pointless exercise if a separate piece of paper can have validation data on it, but not physically attached to the licence.
I suppose as per the old system.

From a security point of view I thought it would be better to cover the rear in boxes, then surrender to cancel for a new cover page with boxes.

30th Jan 2016, 22:50
Does the extra page have licence details on?Nothing printed, only:
Name ...................................... Licence No
and no form number

2nd Feb 2016, 21:42
Thanks for that. Emailed the CAA, replied same day, two new pages in post to me.

3rd Feb 2016, 09:18
Makes a bit of a mockery of the "Don't cut it up, you'll invalidate it" stance, does it not? :ugh:

3rd Feb 2016, 10:12
All came about because some helicopter pilots had more ratings than there were spaces!