View Full Version : BA59 divert to ABV 26th Jan

26th Jan 2016, 05:01
Anyone know anything about this?

26th Jan 2016, 05:59
Yep, a few here do know about it, but they'd quite like to keep their jobs.

I suspect it'll go open source before long.

26th Jan 2016, 06:21
I know, I know and I could keep my job :) Shame I'm going to be a misery guts and not say anything :}

26th Jan 2016, 06:30
Sounds serious! Are they sending a replacement aircraft or will it be fixed there?

26th Jan 2016, 07:18
The aircraft was a B744 'LV and can be seen on FR24 - open source :rolleyes: - in the cruise over northern Nigeria before taking a right turn and quick descent into ABV.

I have no idea why..............

26th Jan 2016, 07:52
Apparently smoke/fumes