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25th Jan 2016, 13:48
Hi All,

I'm looking for an electronic logbook. I'm trying LogTen Pro but it's frustrating and and not as simple as it should be.

If you have any suggestions please let me know. I want to use it on my Mac and IPhone. I'm UK CAA and do all sorts of flying.

Thanks in advance.

Genghis the Engineer
25th Jan 2016, 14:24
I use my own written in Excel and have a disidentified version I've emailed out to people occasionally if you want something to plagiarise. Just PM me an email address.

I've not used it myself - as much as anything I wrote my Excel version because my flying patterns are more varied and complex than most, but this is spoken of highly by a lot of people.



25th Jan 2016, 15:19
I use LogTenPro and like it a lot, phone, iPad and Mac all synch well; however I think it's easier on the iPhone and iPad than the Mac.

If I can help with any specific questions drop me a PM.

25th Jan 2016, 15:34
I use LogTen Pro but only on my Mac... don't use it on the iPhone/iPad anymore. Because of the user-customisable categories, I found that when I sync it often changes all sorts. Total hours are kept the same, but other things (such as private flying aeros time) gets wiped out each time I sync with an iOS device.

Heard good things about mccPilotLog though which I may try some time in the future and link it to my roster.

26th Jan 2016, 21:33
Logbook aero for me.
Works on the IPhone too. Very useful dashboard figures for licence and currency if you're a regular flyer.

Trevor Farmer
3rd Feb 2016, 15:39
LogitPPL for me on Android

3rd Feb 2016, 15:59
I have stopped using the I\phone and I\pad too, but I find the mac version pretty easy. You have a couple offers for assistance, but I can also help if you need. Why drop the the ios versions? I found the sync to also give me a couple issues with details. So I take a photo of the techlog pages and just whack them all in a sitting on the mac.

3rd Feb 2016, 17:54
Give a look at mccPilotLog.

28th Feb 2016, 11:56

I can't say enough about myFlightBook. It's free, and it's web-based so you can get to it from any internet-accessible computer (but they have apps for ipad, iphone, android, etc). I've used it for years and it's incredibly flexible. The few times I had problems or questions, I emailed the guy who runs it and he responded within a day and fixed the issue (or explained to me how to fix it myself). It tracks any kind of custom currency you might need and is great for showing breakdowns of different kinds of time.

Give it a try - it takes maybe an hour or so to get set up with your existing hours, adding in the planes you fly, etc, but is totally worth it. As an instructor, I can electronically endorse my students with it, and also take photos of logbook entries and endorsements to keep for record.


18th Mar 2016, 13:09
I made my own up in Excel as back up to my logbook. Ideal as you can tailor it to suit your requirements.